Quarantine Day 11

Quarantine Day 11

32 Hours of Netflix/Amazon Prime
7 hours of Running
8 Bottles of Sauvignon Blanc
Outside Exercise: Walked to the Martini Cottage and Back
Movies Watched today: The Zookeepers Wife (GREAT)
The Platform (MORBID)

We are always in search of the time to “take our time” or “slow down”. We are always wanting more time to create and relax. It’s almost like a badge of honor or a luxury when people are able to carve out of their wildly overbooked and exhausting days some time to just “be” or to have time for “self-care”. Our days become so obsessed with checking the boxes, building the business, minding the finances, making sure our health is exemplary and taking care of others. Hell….we even schedule fun! (Gotta make that instagram look awesome!) We don’t even enjoy the process or the results for that matter because we are already racing off to the next project or goal.

Then, in almost an instant, we actually GET the time. All of our major obligations are removed. Erased. Then we struggle with what to do with this time. Our minds are quiet. There aren’t 20,000 things running through your brain that you are trying to keep track of. There IS time to think about how you actually feel….and NOT in that scheduled “Morning meditation” feel kind of way. There isn’t a traffic jam of personal schedules to coordinate with the whole family. There IS time to think about who you care about…..and give them a call and truly check in on them because you really do love and miss them.

I say “We”…when really I mean me. I sincerely believe that when presented with the possibility of death, economic collapse and a changed humanity, all with no real end, your mental health starts to wane. The fear begins to build and it truly becomes difficult to focus on anything progressive.

This whole situation has definitely given me time to solidify my understanding of what I truly need to feel whole/happy. This “New World” will definitely change for me. Each day will be constructed from what I truly need in the day to feel fulfilled. This extra time will not be wasted as I have been given the opportunity to stop the noise…and be Intentional.

Love you guys!
Life is an Adventure
Make it EPIC!